Original Netflix Documentary Seaspiracy

Among the many articles now written about the original Netflix documentary Seaspiracy, is one from Gizmodo titled “Don’t Watch Seaspiracy,” which ironically calls the documentary propaganda while aligning the bias in their article with fishing industry propaganda. Let’s at least be clear about which industry has far more power and influence, and has the most at stake to preserve their reputation — the fishing industry. Do you ever critique so hard you end up making propaganda for one of the most environmentally destructive industries on earth? …

My grandpa has MSNBC on during the announcement that Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his Vice President. It was non-stop praising as to be expected. We decided to check out Fox News for their take and as you might suspect, it’s like an entirely different person was chosen. Tucker Carlson said, “there are time-share salesmen are more trustworthy than Kamala Harris.”

But instead of ripping on Fox for their hypocrisy in ignoring every Trump lie, scandal, or ridiculous tweet, I want to draw attention to the major cable TV news networks in general. While studying for my B.A…

Love is a feeling as much as it is a choice — and other myth busters

Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

Let me tell you a phrase that I really dislike — “love is a choice.”

I can’t tell you how annoying that type of cheesy line is. As if love is a verb like any other: run, jump, eat, love, etc. The problem is it’s much more than that and saying it’s just a choice, reducing it only to a verb, is a destruction of its definition and cultural significance. It’s also so generic and inapplicable to real life, it’s basically a way to virtue signal to others how great you are at being objective with the most complex…

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

First, let me say that I am thirty years old and am aware that is more than a quarter-of-a life unless I live to 120, as a robo-human. Anyway, while I was sitting at my grandpa’s house over the holidays like I do every year, I could not ignore the fact that at this age I had no job, no kids, no spouse, no house of my own, and seemingly an endless list of possibilities in front of me. …

Patrick Beger

I’m a plant-based human, musician, writer, athlete, hippy, and nerd, just trying to enjoy as much life as I can while causing as little harm as possible.

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